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Regular Meetings

We currently host in excess of 40 Tidy Towns Committee meetings per year, including work activities during the Summer months, and actively our members attend meetings that other organisations host wearing our ‘Tidy Towns hat’. 

Such meetings included:

  • Public information session on the IRONMAN triathlon which took place in Youghal in June 2019
  • SECAD “Discover the Wildside of Youghal” in May 2019.
  • Cork County Council “Councils and Biodiversity” conference in April 2019
  • Community Reuse Network Ireland seminar in November 2018.
  • Members assisted in establishing the East Cork Biodiversity Network and have participated in seminars on biodiversity.
  • Attendance at the Bank of Ireland Local Business Expo in 2018 where YTT hosted a stand.


Youghal Tidy Towns regularly provides workshops which are open to the public and are free of charge. Examples include: 

  • Habitat Identification workshop which took place in the Millennium Gardens in May 2019 and was facilitated by Dixon Brosnan, Environmental Consultants May 2019.
  • Composting Public workshop which took place on Thursday 10th May 2018.
  • Recycling Public workshop which took place on Thursday 17th May 2018.

There was a large attendance at each of these workshops highlighting the community spirit that is thriving amongst the residents of Youghal.


  • Regular interaction with Local Radio to highlight the work of Tidy Towns and recruit new members.
  • YTT have run a number of awareness project in primary schools such as the importance of Pollinators, biodiversity and recycling/composting in the last year.
  • Ongoing interaction with existing resident associations to support them in their work.
  • Proactively work to establish new resident associations.
  • YTT has recently entered into discussions with Youghal Men’s Shed to develop a Community Composting and Allotments Project in the Millennium Garden.
  • Youghal Tidy Towns continues to be an open and inclusive organisation.  In 2019, we partnered with the Probation and Welfare Service to offer the opportunity to undertake community service in Youghal.  We currently have three participants.