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Landscaping and Open Spaces

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Cemetery Transformation

YTT helped establish and support a voluntary cemetery maintenance committee which meets the first Saturday of each month to continue the ongoing maintenance.

Youghal Millennium Gardens

The Millennium Garden is now under the management of Youghal Tidy Town, where we organised the installation of new fountains, provision of new flowerbeds in the Autumn of 2018 and the refurbishment of the pond.

Pollinator Plan

We are very proud to have developed and implemented a pollinator plan for Youghal and the work which we have carried out to date includes:

  • Planting of insect friendly plants in flowerbeds
  • Creation of wildflower beds to attract bees
  • Reduced grass cutting – YTT has taken over grass cutting on the eastern and western approach roads and when we cut the grass, we just cut a strip and leave the remainder wild for insects and pollinators to thrive
  • Reduced use of pesticides
  • Raising public awareness on the importance of pollinators.
  • Provision of a beech hedge and wildflower bank along the Killeagh Road.
  • Signs will be erected detailing why some areas are left to grow wild in order to increase the number of bees. 

Hanging baskets, flowerboxes, flowerbeds, raised beds etc

With the elongated nature of the town of Youghal this is a considerable investment by the Tidy Towns of Youghal. YTT annually reviews the appropriate use of hanging baskets, flowerboxes, flower beds and raised beds throughout the town area with success gauged by local feedback and tidy towns reports.

Flowers and plants provide wonderful colour and contrast, particularly during the Summer months, and over the last year, a number of initiatives have been carried out to enhance the aesthetic look and feel of Youghal town, which include:

  • A number of raised beds were built and installed on both Eastern and Western approach roads to Youghal and throughout the town – 2019.
  • New floral sculptures were designed and installed in the raised beds on both Eastern and Western approach roads to Youghal – June 2019.
  • Continue to provide additional hanging baskets (made from recycled plastic), flower rail boxes and flower beds around Youghal town.

Continued Focus on landscaping of key public realms/areas of interest in town

YTT focuses on continued refreshing and renewal of existing planters/ display areas using only peat-free compost and introducing wild-life friendly shrubs and perennial flowers where appropriate.  In partnership with Cork County Council, Youghal Tidy Towns has achieved significant improvements in the landscaping qualities of key areas of interest within the town. 

YTT are currently developing a landscaped area by the Gaol Steps as well as installing flower planters in the Green Park.