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Wildlife, Habitats & Natural Amenities

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YTT are actively engaged in projects which allow us to protect our local species and habitats and we collaborate with expert groups and relevant authorities where necessary, for guidance and assistance.

A sample of such projects are listed below:

  • The Ballyvergan Marsh Habitat Survey has been completed and is currently being implemented with the help of Earth Science students from UCC.
  • Community Based Habitat Surveying – YTT started a new programme in association with SECAD involving the community, young people and schools in the surveying and recording of habitats in Youghal.
  • Habitat Identification workshop took place in the Millennium Gardens in 2019 and was facilitated by Dixon Brosnan, Environmental Consultants
  • Grass cutting – During 2019, it was agreed that YTT only cut a strip of grass on the approach roads to Youghal and the remainder is left grow wild to support pollinators .
  • YTT provided 30 bird boxes to the 3 primary schools this spring to encourage nesting in the school grounds. This project afford children the opportunity to observe and record bird settlement and movement.
  • YTT has run two competitions in schools this spring to create awareness of habitats, biodiversity and the role of pollinators.
  • Wildlife Walk Map developed and published.
  • Guided Wildlife walks have commenced.

  • Northern Wildlife Walk: YTT provided additional wildlife signboards of local flora and fauna along the route at Allen’s Quay, The Slob Bank, Foxhole and the Quarry on Mill Road, as part of the East Cork Wildlife Trail. This route takes the walker through a variety of different habitats from the urban of the town along the harbour front and the estuary via the slob bank with its associated drainage ditches and wet pasture fields.  At high tide roost of estuarine birds can be viewed at Foxhole.  
  • The Quarry Eco Park, Mill Road – Urban fruit tree orchard has been planted. Nest boxes and a bat sanctuary have been developed.
  • Claycastle Beach – An Taisce Green Flag Programme – Under this programme YTT has taken on a guardianship role and carries out regular clean ups.
  • A new wildflower bed and signage has been created in the Millennium Garden.
  • Provision of plants and shrubs such as lavender and buddleia to encourage pollinators.
  • Increased use of insect friendly flowers in summer planting programme.
  • The bird watch hide and car park at Ballyvergan has been upgraded. We have secured the services of a TUS worker who maintains the area and provides information to visitors. The Hide is now open for use by visitors.
  • YTT has provided new wildlife signage for a beach trail from the Front Strand to Redbarn beach.
  • Members assisted in establishing the East Cork Biodiversity Network and have participated in seminars on biodiversity.
  • Participated in the Cork County Council “Councils and Biodiversity” conference in April 2019 and the SECAD “Discover the Wildside of Youghal” May 2019.
  • Initiated a new TUS programme in Foxhole SAC to control litter and record insects and birds in the area.
  • In discussions with UCC Earth Science Department to develop a Biodiversity Interpretive facility at Ballyvergan Marsh.
  • YTT has developed new wildflower beds on the Killeagh/Western approach road.
  • The appointment of a guide at Ballyvergan Hide, the largest freshwater coastal marsh in County Cork will improve the facilitation of bird watching. The site accommodates important plant and bird species. It is also the most extensive known-breeding site for reed warblers in Ireland.